Electricity Pylons near house

I am interested to know - would you buy a house 110m away from electricity pylons?

These are the size of the pylons:

It is a large plot of land, the pylons just cross one corner of the plot. They cross the area at an angle to the plot of land and house - at its closest it is 110m between the house and the pylon.

They cannot be seen from within the house as the house faces in the opposite direction.

Personally I wouldn’t. But just because it is pig ugly view. Others may be worried about electronic waves, but we have high voltage lines crossing our land which doesn’t really bother us as the pylons are well out of sight.


I would not choose to buy it… :wink:

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Probably not

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Apparently the danger distance for electromagnetic is around 100m. Right under them, not so much.

Though about 12-15 months ago? maybe less, there was a pretty much identical question in its own thread. The gist of it was that any dangers are much less worried about by people in France. I think in that thread there was also mention of a school under lines crossing a village too.

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Would I worry about the electrons and magnetrons escaping the wire and creating havoc. No, not in the slightest.

Would I buy that close to pylons/high tension lines. Only if they did not obscure my view or if I were sure that the fear that the electrons and magnetrons could escape the wire and create havoc in a prospective purchaser would not make my property harder to sell or worth less than it might be otherwise.


When we were selling our moulin we had a viewing with an “electrosensitive” woman. No mobile signal or masts, high tension lines and WiFi off. She then asked to stay for a night in one of the gites. Even her meter said there was no radio waves or EM, but she still complained it wasn’t good enough. I sometimes wonder if she’s still looking or is wearing a tin foil hat


When we were selling our house last year we had a French couple who loved the house but the wife couldn’t get past the fact that there were pylons 400 metres away which she could partially see from the kitchen window. I dread to think of what she would have said if the wind turbine project at 200 m high would have gone ahead.


Maybe the free electricity bills that accompany nearby windmills would make her a tad blind to such things :slightly_smiling_face:

No, mostly as they are so ugly I would not want to keep seeing them.


When our daughter was small… she used to wave at the huge pylons we passed, dropping down through France…
She and we… used to chuckle and say they looked like giants, striding across the land… :wink: :wink:

not the prettiest things though…


I’ve always thought that they look exactly like that :slight_smile:


No definately not. The radiation by these things is quite large and can affect some people.

Perhaps like these?


At 100m from a 275kV line the magnetic field is in the microTesla range and electric field a few volts per metre; both negligible.

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Unless the underneath is shielded in some way, isn’t propagation omnidirectional ?

I used to work for the electricity supply industry going back a long time and there was a Russian-based study at the time saying how dangerous it was to be underneath or close to power lines. There were anecdotal reports of people with e.g. brain tumours who claimed it was the proximity of the lines.

However, that study was later debunked and not by studies funded by vested-interest groups, which are always a little dubious, to say the least.

Would I buy the land/property? Probably not but then I am known for being risk-averse…


No, would not buy a house with pylons that close nor a view like that. Additionally, I would always wonder about resale (even if I thought I might be there to the end of my days).

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They cannot be seen from the property due to the orientation of the house and trees etc.

They should paint the blades white/yellow and the columns green and they would look like giant daisies or daffodils :blush:

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