Electricity running and new owners

Hi everyone, newby here it’s my first post so hopefully you can help. We bought a house in Burgundy last year. We have managed to organise the water as it’s looked after by a local syndicate but as yet we still haven’t managed to get anywhere with the electricity. The house has electricity running even though it was empty for some time before we bought it. The agent said that the supplier would be in touch but 6 months later, we’ve had nothing. We did contact Enedis who said we had to pick a supplier but just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone had any quick fixes or pointers - Thank you

Yes pick a supplier, I would suggest Mint, slightly lower cost than EDF.
We found ourselves in a similar position after 3 years of free electricity suddenly our external supply meter was remlved without warning. We contacted EDF and they said we had no account with them despite 16 years previously being with EDF. So we contacted Mint energie and they came and installed new meters and that was a few years back.

Sometimes cheapest isn’t always the best option. Having learnt from many mistakes over the years all my "services " (all 2 of them) are with the companies that own the networks. I would suggest EDF direct, as a starting supplier at least, and there is an English speaking helpline if you needed it.

ENEDIS are correct - you need to choose a supplier.

It will be safer, at this stage, to go for EDF’s regulated tarif. Before you talk to anyone the most important thing to have to hand is the PDL (Point de Livraison) of your connection - this is a unique identifier of your supply point, & is used by all energy suppliers. If you have details from the previous owners the PDL will be shown on their bills.

I’m sure EDF will be more than happy to get your business, although more than likely the previous occupant was with them anyway.

You may need to ask for the “puissance souscrite” (the maximum amount of power you can draw) to be uprated as it’s common practice to drop it to the lowest level (3kVA) while a house is on the market.

If you are going to be living there full time it will be worth considering the various spilt tarif options - Heures Creuses/Heures Pleines & Tempo.

Prices can be found here.

But Mark the confounding point of my post is we were with EDF from the day we purchased and after around 15 years they said we were not so they missed out on 3 years payments. Big aint always best either.

I know, but as new owners its probably the easiest, less hassle option for them.

We offered to go back with EDF, it was much easier to get Mint in.