Electricity update - EDF's tarifs réglementé from 01/08/2023

In case you’ve not seen this elsewhere here is a link to EDF’s various regulated tarifs.

Although the link currently shows the new prices from 01/08/2023 it is worth bookmarking as the document gets updated whenever the price changes, but the link is always the same.


Am I correct in saying HC Bleu has gone up by around a cent? If so I can live with that :slightly_smiling_face:

When is rouge, thats a bit of a shocker?

Very pleased to have my bluetti batteries, as even in Winter on days of low sun, at least I’ll be able to charge them at off peak rates :+1:


That was my thinking about whenever rouge days are, great time to use your own power!


I wish our electric car could feed back to the house. At least we can sleep in it if it gets too cold :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Be aware I think on the quiet a rise of somewhere between about 22% and 26% is expected in the year from August this year.

Last year I concluded from EDF’s proposed increased mensualisation that they, presumably after discussions with the govt, had factored in a price rise of 15% and I think that’s pretty much what it turned out to be.

This year they wanted to increase it by 25% over current actual costs although up to 2.5% of that might have been for their expectation of my increase in actual usage.

I hope I’m wrong but I had called them to switch to Tempo anyway having analysed it. I think the most likely outcome will be I’ll end up paying the same in total. But with a bit of effort and care the gaming aspect of trying to make it cost less is what attracts me.

How have you factored in depreciation and other costs of equipment in evaluating your savings? Or are you after the fun, challenge and gaming aspect?

I decided to move to solar and the batteries to limit/remove my dependency on the grid and looking forward, knowing that electricity cost will only increase in future. As the cost was not excessive, I simply did a rough payback calculation. On top of the financial benefit, my security systems, fridge/freezer, internet etc continue if the grid is out, or if someone intentionally tries to cut my power, as I experienced previously when someone tried to break in. Overall, very very happy I took the step!


There’s a new box out from Anker in October that outputs at up to 6000W. Earlier, still very recent, units have been very discounted in back channels (unusual fot Anker) so I suspected something big was coming.

So you could run 2 or 3 of your oven, toaster, and kettle all at once. And a bit more serious proosition for charging your EV. 3.8kwH onboard in the main unit, up to 6 extra batteries connectable taking its storage to nearly 27kwH.

Charges via solar or grid. About the size of a portable upright wheely air conditioning unit.

The only question is the likely price…I’m guessing about 20k if you took the max expansion batteries.
On current smaller units they’ve been a bit naughty and supplied slightly different connectivity specs to USA (like, boat connections) that haven’t been on other countries models.

Wow that sounds impressive! I’ve been sticking with Bluetti generally, except two separate 166wh beauden batteries. Now have 2 x AC200MAX units, 1 x EB70 and an EB3A ,which I originally kicked off the whole experiment with, + the 2 x 166wh beauden batteries and finally and external 1kw lithium battery that I use as a back up for the bike plus use if I need more in the evening. So far it’s all worked out extremely well actually, with more power generated than I can possibly use. The big question is, what will Winter hold, because if I find there’s enough light then I could possibly consider going off grid 100% with what I now have - highly highly satisfying :grinning: just need to an elec car and think I may have cracked it, but do actually do pretty much all local journeys on the elec bike now, unless wet (rare) or fetching something oversized - tree huggers eat your heart out :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Will be very interested to see how you go in winter letsmile.

Despite the cost of setting up alternative kit the only thing that would stop me dumping edf completely is my need to be sure refrigerator and freezers keep running


I think the elec needed in winter will be less for the fridge freezer, given the dramatic temp difference, especially here. One idea I had was to move the freezer to a colder room in winter, meanwhile keeping main fridge freezer in the kitchen, but will see how I get on initially with the current ‘normal’ set up, then decide :+1:

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Just be aware that not all freezers can deal with being in very cold locations.

Websearch “garage freezer” & you’ll see what I mean.


If the cold air out of the PAC in winter could be used in a freezer you could be rewarded?

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