Elegance of expression

“Avec Macron, c’est bonjour tristesse tous les matins, et c’est soupe à la grimace tous les soirs.”

Can’t imagine anglophone politicians expressing themselves so well nowadays.


I don’t understand the second part of the sentence.

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Word Reference forums say that “manger la soupe à la grimace” means to be in the dog house, although also offer a more literal translation used for the wider sense of just being in a bad humour at the meal table which might fit better with the phrase above.

If you serve up scowl soup* to someone it means you aren’t very happy with them. But it can also mean that if someone is in a foul mood, at the table or elsewhere, they may have got a bowl of scowl soup making them horrible, rather than the nice thing everyone else has.

  • Just my translation not an official one
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