Email account nicknames

We have a separate email that we use for things like online orders and so on. When we set it up we gave it a nickname “junk”. With the latest update to Orange this is the name that now appears as the sender when we send emails using this account.

I can’t find out how to change it! As you can imagine is someone receives an email from someone called Junk they will probably press delete (I would).
It’s account

Any ideas gratefully received

As I presume that an Orange acc will give you unlimited e-mail addresses, open another, then migrate all the mails that you have in the Junk folder to the new one.


Can you try this?

Click here - Avant d’aller plus loin sur Orange

It should hopefully open the parameters page for your Orange email. If not, click the cog icon and select 'tous les paramètres".

Under the “boîte mail Orange” it should show your email address, with a button labelled “modifier”. If you click the button it should then allow you to change the display name for that email address.

I can’t easily take screenshots as I’m on my phone but hopefully this makes sense.

I had thought of that, but we have also used that address to sign up to stuff. So can’t it completely without an effort that we really don’t want to take!

Got v excited by that……but the display name is not Junk! Have modified it anyway so perhaps that will do something.

Oh rats :frowning: