Emergency, act fast

The EU is about to hold a vote on whether or not to ban pesticides that kill bees. It requires as many people to act as possible. avaaz are trying to get us all to petition governments, you'll find all the details on here:


I have signed already, but pass it on to anybody who will support the campaign.

Germany is never going to let "the people" get in the way of "the plan"

Not good news. The European Commission proposal to suspend the use of neonicotinoids failed to gain the backing of the UK and Germany. Many major agricultural nations, including France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland, voted for the ban, while the UK and Germany abstained, with Hungary and Romania leading those opposed. However, the ban could still be enforced within months if the EC takes the decision to an appeals committee.

Fingers crossed.

wow,just got this in my inbox also, great minds!!