Emissions failure on CT test

Our van has failed its CT on emissions,changed filter,added additive etc. How many times within the 2 months can we submit for retest?

There’s another tread on here that’s got all the info

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Drive it like a petrol engine, go through the gears properly and stop pussyfooting around. Take it for a longer journey (50 - 60 kms) and dont go into 5th gear stay in 4th max. By pussyfooting around, you are causing more damage to the engine/DPF with the result it will fail the emissions test.

Why not check this with your CT station ?
As you probably know… when you take your van in for the retest, they are allowed to make a charge… might be zero, might be 10€-35€ … I think…

But, if the problem still persists after the initial 2 month time-gap… you’ll be paying full price for a new CT…

If you’ve done the necessary… why not get it retested… ???

I agree. I did just that the day before the re-test. And I high-revved my car around the local ring road/motorway for an hour on the morning of the test. This was advice from Renault who do my servicing.


Yes we did the same a few years back when selling daughter’s Pug and wanted a clean CT for the buyer so put the additive in it and ran it around for nearly half a day as it had been stood a while, it passed with flying colours and no pollution.

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