Emmanuel Macron’s summation of Brexit: ‘The British people were sold a lie’

Frankly, I won’t accept any lecture off Manu. He insisted he was different and his party/movement was different but look where we are 18 months in, what’s his ‘plan’ to sort out the GJ’s mess?


I’m normally fairly OK with the G but I don’t see what their agenda is in publishing this.
Macron has said the bit about lies and manipulation before and I’m fairly sure it’s been reported in the British press before so it may be true but it’s not news.
Plus, “cast doubt on” is a dubious spin to put on for something that the EU has been saying for months, and Macron seems to be saying here, will not happen. If a bank tells you for the nth time that it’s not going to give you a loan, if call that “casting doubt” then the only person you are fooling is y ourself.

Yes, he said he was different and it appeared that he had the backing of the french voters to end the stagnation of the french economy and the lack of opportunity for young people.
Because of the two stage voting in France we often get people voting against instead for.
Before you start talking about french productivity, France includes the productivity of its civil service in the figures and you cannot really compare apples with pears.

I am not sure we can argue with Macron in this instance… IMO he is only saying what many, many folk are saying…

or has the tune changed now…

All those pre-Referendum figures and projections… all those claims and promises …were they actually TRUE ??? :thinking:

You are right Stella. A bunch of lies from a bunch of liars and they are still at it.

The latest from Corbyn, who is fond of saying that Labour is a democratic party, is that he will not allow the parliamentary party to support a second referendum, despite it being voted for at the Party Conference.

Yes, he’s misleading people too, particularly about his ability to negotiate a cherry picking deal with the EU. A dreadful state of affairs where both the PM and Leader of the opposition are putting party above nation. I heard one MP brazenly state during his Commons speech that he was “a Tory first”. Surely he should be be British first, the representative of his constituents second and a Tory somewhere down the pecking order of his priorities?

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The MP in question (“Conservative first and last”) is Mark Francois who represents Rayeigh in Essex and was my constituency MP for 15 years (still is nominally as I’m still on the voters’ list).

Although I don’t like him personally or his political views he is IMO a meticulously even-handed and conscientious constituency man and very, very hard-working. He’s also rather shorter in stature than he looks on TV, about 5’3".

There are few of them I would give houseroom to, including my own MP David Drew.

I wrote to our local weekly paper and let them know that in a Motion that was debated and created by a Petition to say that if there was no Deal, we should abandon Brexit, he trotted out Corbyn’s party line wanting an election.