Should we make it Tuesday, August 21 ?

The best day is Tuesday as they have new stock. Can do any Tues after 14th August?

Hi Catharine,

A shopping trip sounds like a great idea! What would be a good day for you .... and/or for anyone else that would want to join us? I am basically good any day besides the weekend.

Count us in for a meet up! Sandy is always on the lookout for material for her aprons.

Hi Marianne

There is one in Tarnos (64) and bound to be one in Bordeaux but the best by miles is their flagship "HQ" in Pau. It is well worth the drive. if you fancy a trip, let me know and we can arrange to meet up? I feel an SFN shopping trip coming on...:)

By the way, those are great shelves and the desk is neat too.

Hi Catharine, is there an Emmäus anywhere near you or near Bordeaux? I don't seem to find anything on their site. I miss our Canadian Salvation Army stores and would love to visit one of these Emmäus.

Thanks :)

Here you go Linda


They are great places to find…well just about anything. I have the smartest Arthur and Aston leather handbag that I paid a whopping 6€ for…

We buy all our clothes there and the girls always find their Dr. Martens there. Get yourself to your nearest branch!

We were in Emmaus in Pau only yesterday and look what we found!

Unfortunately it was getting late so no more opportunities for photos.

I found a gorgeous leather armchair that we call our ‘reading chair’ for just 10 Euros! And loads of pots and tubs for the garden - I love Emmaus and send all my tat things I don’t want there.