Most of us know about Emmaus and what great stuff can be found there but I thought it might be fun to post some of our 'finds'

So here's my desk and a bookshelf made with some solid coloured MDF that we found - paid 60€ and there is enough to make another bookshelf of the same size - bargain!


(List of Emmaus locations in the attached pdf file.)

Emmaus in France.pdf

we live in madiran have space for 2 if anyone lives near and requires a lift

if the trip is still on we would love to attend,having driven by it so many times and wondered what it is so we are in pleasw

Hello Catharine, I still would like to come to the Emmaus in Pau, and the 4th of Sept. is a good date for me. I wonder if we could organize a car-pool for those of us living in or near Bordeaux. I have never driven to Pau but am willing to give it a try. However, I would also not mind being a contributing passenger either. I guess it will depend also on who's car has the greatest trunk capacity :) (to ferry back all the good deals we might be finding). I drive a car with a fairly big hatchback and can carry 4 passengers, but a big van would be even better, n'est pas?

Strangely enough I dropped a boot full of outgrown, out dated or unwanted clothes at our local Emmaus on Monday!! Can get some brilliant things there - but often have to wade through a lot of dross to find it!! But they do a great job and I am just delighted that there is somewhere that useful but unwanted items can go to be recycled/re-used!

M Emmaus is personal tailor to the Whiteheads.

There are two Emkwnomaus that I know of in Bx. Nansouty and the main depot that I think is in Bruges but will have to ask husband as can't remember. The odd spelling of Emmaus is from the cat sitting on my keyboard as I wrote. Am leaving it there as made me laugh!

Catharine buys a lot of our clothes there, it's amazing what you can find for 50 cents!

We have an Emmaus in Aurillac, about 45 minutes away, and its open two or three afternoons a week. It's excellent for glass-ware, crockery, furniture and kids toys. I'm not sure I'd want to buy clothes there, but everything is very cheap and although none of it is guaranteed to actually work (like electrical goods) its worth a visit. All proceeds go to an excellent cause and you can of course take unwanted stuff there for the charity to sell for its own coffers.

What a find!

September 4th is good for me too.

we bought a fly zapper - one of those professional light ones - cost 5 euros - saw the exact same thing in a local store for over 80 euros - Bargain !!

If you do not know about the great work of Emmaus look them up on line. Briefly they help the homeless by offering a safe community in which to live. In the return the "companions" repair/recycle items and sell them in their outlets. Some groups also undertake gardening etc. A worthwhile cause - do support them if you can.

Is this Emmaus a charity shop, like Oxfam (UK) or Vinnies (AUS)?

There's an Emmaus in Bazas, a big one which is open practically every day, and one in the Medoc - I'm not sure where as I've never been to it. I've never heard of one in Bordeaux.

Our local Emmaus is in Roanne, an hour and a half away. It is only open one day a month.

So pleased you have highlighted the good work done by Emmaus. I learnt about the group here in France and then helped set up a group in Bristol U.K. Do support your local outlet.

Great stuff! I found a french edition of Lady Chatterley's Lover in mine! Just east of Morlaix 29.

Have been looking everywhere for a decent bookcase (that isn't old and 'piney' with frilly bits). You've inspired me. Will check out site and see if there's one local enough. Thank you!

I might be away then and then it is back to school :(

So how about Tues 4th Sept?