Employment advice needed

Has anyone here worked as a "prestataire" rather than an "independent"?

Any advantages / disadvantages?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks Andrew. I've gone for prestataire as on this occasion it should work out better. Fingers crossed..!

forgot to say Catharine that if by chance it's at a CCI, they pay far more if you're an indépendant than a salaried vacataire as they don't have to pay the charges (40€ an hour rather than 29€ - well worth being an indépendant - these figures are a couple of years old now as i no longer work there but they can't have changed much)

Still wondering what difference they're making between a prestataire de service and an indépendant...!

Yes, I signed individual contracts at the IUT as a prestataire de services rather than a vacataire but in both cases I'm still an indépendant... no cdi, contracts signed for a specific mission/nombre of hours teaching etc and all done under the AE statue which means I paid exactly the same in charges and taxes - go for which ever one gives you the best rate!