Employment under the cheque emploi scheme

Hi everyone. I’ve recently moved to Calvados as my husband is a guardien on a private estate. I am doing a few hours a week domestic work and my new employer wishes to pay me via the Cheque Emploi scheme. All well and good…what i can;t seem to pin down is what is required of me to do this.
I’ve read plenty about it from the employers perspective, but my language skills aren’t good enough to explain what I want to do. Our local Marie wasn;t much help as her English is as sketchy as my French!, Can anyone tell me whre I need to go/what I need to do to get registered for work here? The internet is not giving me specific advice.
i am from the UK, will I need to register as a French Citizen? Selena

Hi Selena,
As a (still :grin:) European citizen you you are free to stay and work in France as long as you wish. You can do all kinds of jobs but regulated ones (which is not your case).
Actually you have almost nothing to do because the employer will register you (online) as his employee and you will receive a salary while he pays for social taxes on your behalf (the cheque emploi service costs him more than what is paid to you). To apply for regsitration he will need your passport. One week after registration you will receive an employment certificate.
One touchy point is the employment contract that you have to sign with the employer. Trust does not exclude control and I would advise you to find a good French speaker to check whether social rights are respected in it and if you agree with its provisions.

Hope this will help.

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You will need a social security number, maybe you already have one but if not, not sure if the employer gets this or if the employee has to get it from CPAM?

If you are working under 8 hours a week you don’t need a contract, the whole point of the CES system is that it makes bureaucracy easier and encourages people to employ other people for odd jobs or a couple of hours a week on a legal basis.

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