Emulator for Windows XP? Old program problem

I have a particular problem and was wondering if anyone here thinks I might be able to solve it by running a Windows XP emulator.

to begin at the beginning. Both my old PC's have packed up so I am now running on a new windows 8 .

My old program for doing the Accounts Winapi Compta 8 was also vastly out of date. When I investigated the cost of putting this program up to date it was exorbitant so instead I purchased Ciel for half the quoted price of the update. Now Ciel is running fine but I need to extract a printed version of my " a nouveaux" can't think what they are in English forward balances perhaps?

I have the old hard drive and a saved version on my données on a USB but I can't reinstall the program from the disc onto my new computer as it's too new and the program is too old . My musings have taken me to the point of thinking that it might be possible to get the disc installed on an emulated version of Windows XP ( that's what it was running on before it broke down) but how to do that? I know these things can be done.

All I really need is to get the program running, reinstall my saved info and ask it to calculate my a nouveaux for the beginning of 2012 so that I can print them out and manually enter them into the new Ciel program.

Any thoughts?

No1 son has come home from his computer programming degree course and solved the problem for me.I asked him to do the emulator for me which he was going to do but then he found a short-cut. Sometimes it is worth educating our children!!!LOL

In Windows 8 he installed the program from the disc and then in the properties of the program he clicked Compatibility and then ticked the box Run in compatibility mode for windows XP. I then restored the saved information and the program runs. I have a few tweaks to make as the last save on the uSB was before I made a few final adjustments for depreciating assets but I should be able to calculate the forwarding assets and print them off.

If you don't find it, I just came across this article that suggests you can set up a virtual XP session under Windows 8. http://lifehacker.com/5965889/how-to-run-windows-xp-for-free-in-windows-8

Good question I will have to dig around for that. I should have but where??

There is also the free VirtualBox
You have the Windows XP installation disc also?

I will have a look at that later today. i am just checking in while I heat soup for lunch. thank you

I have the original installation disc.

Do you have the program disks or just a hardisk with the old Windows XP installation on it ?