Encouraging news from Poland

If only Hungary had a Donald Tusk.


How old is Orban? Did his parents not tell him about 1956 and Russian tanks shooting up his capital, and what does he have to do, denying aid to Ukraine and Nato membership to Sweden, to get his country kicked out of both the EU and Nato?

The Bear waits with open arms with only the brave Ukrainians draining its energy and putting off the day when tanks will not be needed in that beautiful city on the Danube.

1956 Russia is not 2024 Russia.

No, but the parallel is there, a dictator in Moscow who attacks a neighbouring country for no other reason than imperialism and colonialism.

It is possible that only the Ukrainian resistance is preventing Russia from insisting on Hungary returning to ‘the fold’, if, Orban’s self serving antics forces his country out of NATO.

The fall of Ukraine would give Hungary a common border with the Russian Empire. Without NATO protection it would be a simple fact to re-encorporate Hungary in it as well.

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I have heard on the BBC that there are extreme Christian groups that admire Putin as a Christian leader proclaiming anti abortion, anti gay, policies and to the extent that they want to go and live in Russia.
Total confirmation that America is totally mad.

They should be sponsored to go.


You had the same (or a very similar) lot supporting what later became the Taliban because they were good religious boys fighting those godless Soviet Russians.


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It’s the old thing of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend ’ right up until they aren’t.

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