End of the World

So, the world is going to end in a few days now...if you believe in all that. Let's just say though, that it IS indeed the day the world ends and we're all so ready to believe that it is NOT true, that we all go about our regular business. What then, will YOU be doing? For me, I'll leave home at approximately 6:55 in the morning to get to work in time for my 8am class. Before I leave, JUST IN CASE, mind you, I'll give my husband and son an extra tight squeeze.

Because it is the last day of school before the break, a colleague and I are going to show a movie, “It's a Wonderful Life”, so if it IS the end of the world, at least we'll all go out with positive feelings. At 10 am when class is over, I'll go down to the salle de prof and say goodbye to friends. I'm not saying goodbye because I don't think I'll ever see them again, I'm saying goodbye because, well, on Fridays, I finish at 10am.

From school, I'll probably head straight home and will do a load of laundry or two in anticipation of packing. Where we're going, I'm sure we'll need a few different outfits, and where we're going is NOT to some otherworldly place, unless of course, you consider Nancy, France one of them. I'll probably grade some essays if I don't have them corrected by then (I hate having them hang over my head during a vacation but if it IS the end of the world, I'll be quite peeved that I spent time on them) and maybe catch up on an episode or two of some TV show before I go and pick up my son.

Once my son is home with me, it's only an hour or so before the husband gets home too. THEN, if anything WERE to happen, well, so be it. I'm with those I love.

And I'm pretty sure I'll be with them on Saturday morning too.

One Mayan is carving a calender in a large stone tablet. I second comes up with a hollowed out Gourd saying, my new tequila batch is ready, you want to try some?

Carving Mayan replies:

Oh, I guess so, it wont be the end of the world if I don't finish this!!


Blatantly plagiarised from faceache

Alexander, do you think they'll let me set up a stall to sell sandals to the zou-zous? Better not to go out broke ;-)

In other words, buy shopping for Christmas, thanks Alastair!

I forgot to mention, evidently, the Andromeda Galaxy is heading towards us at 140km a second.

At that speed it will take less than hour to cover the distance from the moons orbit to the Earth, and given that there are about two billion stars in it, and they are all heading this way at that speed, its pretty impressive. However, statistically it wont make much difference to the Earth as most of the stars will miss ours ( most of the Galaxy is empty space), and the Sun will be probably be pushed further out from the new combined Galactic core

Planet=large mass that is not sufficiently massive to induce nuclear fusion ( although may give out heat from Nuclear fission), orbits a star

Star/Sun = much more massive object that converts 400 tons of Hydrogen into Helium every second via Nuclear Fusion ( well, our local star does)

@Theo, good point about the Earth, I hear lots of people saying that we are killing the planet. We couldn't kill the Earth if we wanted too, but it is highly likely that the planet will wipe us out, and guess what, the atoms that make up the planet, wont give a monkeys about it when they do!!

If you would like a WOW moment about star sizes compared to the Earth, have a look at this....


At 1700 h the sky will darken over Languedoc-Roussillon.

From then on, the darkness will cover the entire region, which is caused by a rotation of the planet in constant danger!

With the breath taking speed of 9, 81 meters per second, the natives and immigrants are flung across the galaxy.

The phenomenology is that creatures have got accustomed to this madness during their evolution. It is assumed that the majority of the creatures on planet earth will close exhausted their eyes after paying their taxes.

This eclipse will follow a astronomical knowledge that it will end 13 hours later, - followed by the appearance of the appearance of a glowing planet called sun.

The tragedy for all creatures on planet earth is that the planet does not care about its inhabitants and must continue its vicious circle to turn around itself, - every day, exactly within 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds.

And this is the good message: time is necessary to avoid everything is happen at once.

If the world ends next Friday I am going to find a good lawyer and sue whoever is responsible for it. Just when I have a few things on my side after a bad year some bloomin' Mayan prediction muscles in to give me grief. I will not stand for it, no I shall not. I shall sue and I think I have the law on my side because as far as I know there is no legislation in France that allows the ending of worlds. Sum ergo, I shall laugh my way to the bank.

Gordon will also risk being sued - siding with Tories is high treason!

Alastair, provided we COULD live to see it, the galaxies colliding might be an impressive sight indeed, unless the sky is too polluted for anyone to see anything. As for the sun, here's hoping that future generations invest in sunscreen!

Gordon, I agree with you. There's a line that my family loves: "Gotta get home to my family in Elmira!" That's very close to where I'm from.

Alexander, consider it this way, you would have holidays that were EXTENDED INDEFINITELY! ;-)

My dear Alistair

What a little ray of sunshine you are. Just to point out that the 21st (according to the Sapeurs Pompiers calendar), is Friday, so you've got an extra day, if the prediction's right.

I, personally, am happy to politically re-aligne myself, and would even consider siding with the torys if it saved my sorry a**. (sad but true).

As to the plague well that's another matter as are tidal waves, and I ALWAYS avoid asteroids!

Savings will most likely be gone by the time the Andromeda Galaxy thinks of colliding with us, and if not, let's hope it misses!

On a serious note though, interesting post and thanks for sharing it. Have a good Xmas.


Although there is no evidence that the world will end this Thursday, its worth pointing out that 85% of all life that has ever lived on earth, has been wiped out by asteroids colliding with earth, and that we humans are the only species that have the wherewithall to do something about it ( provided we get about 15 years notice, and can get ourselves aligned politically).

Provided we avoid asteroids and local disasters ( plagues, tidal waves etc), then we do know that there are two major events on the cosmological horizon, one of which will be terminal.

The first, in 4 billion years time is that the Andromeda Galaxy will collide with our own Milky Way.....

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2153053/Milky-Way-Andromeda-collision-NASA-predicts-Milky-Way-collide-Andromeda-galaxy.html , which will make the night skies impressive for anyone around to see it.

The second is in 5 billion years time, when the sun will expand,to form a Red Giant, its outer layers will envelop first Mercury, then Venus and finally the Earth. So it will be worth making sure you have spent all your savings by then!!

Guess I won't be doing anything different. Anyone know when exactly (at what hour) it's supposed to happen? Wouldn't want to miss anything...... “It's a Wonderful Life”, a definate favourite from childhood.