ENEDIS and EDF English Help Line

In praise of both this morning. With regard to the sending in of meter readings where Linkys are not installed there is now a system for doing so, which is incredibly easy, this is reached by activating the site from the email you receive from Enedis. All done and content.

With regard to the EDF English Helpline - brilliant I was able to ascertain that the Energy cheques can be sent in advance of the bill to be taken into account as a payment and yes I have ticked the box for automatic transmission to EDF in the future. Secondly it is possible to access the cheque supplier i.e.
Le chèque énergie : l’État accompagne les ménages à revenus modestes pour payer leurs factures d’énergie to ascertain your entitlement and to register for cheques to be paid direct.

I am just posting this for those who have not been offered the Linky or have chosen not to take the offer. I think that due to the fact that not all communes have accepted the Linky box or it has not been possible to provide them Enedis have now installed a system to enable them to know the actual reading. (I always take a dated photo of the readings in case of query).


Hi,can you give us the phone number for the EDF english speaking line please,i used to have a number but seem to remember the last time i tried to ring,the number was no longer in use,thanks.

Hi, the number is 0969366383 have your client number ready, listen to the English message press appropriate buttons and just wait. I rang just at 9.07am and only waited 4 minutes. The second part of the message is always in French but is understandable and you may have no problems with the French language anyway.

Thanks for number,will keep it just in case.