Enedis - Not a scam!

Just had an email headed “Risque de sécurité potentiel” and my first reaction was extreme suspicion.

But it turned out to be genuine -
“Un défaut potentiel existe sur certains disjoncteurs, pouvant toucher à la sécurité de votre installation et présenter un risque pour les personnes.”

So I followed their instructions and finally got a message that my disjoncteur was OK.

A strange way to spend an hour, but I guess it is reassuring to know that our safety is their priority. Anyway, it’s too hot for gardening this afternoon!

Note: The hardest part for me was getting the required photo. My consumer unit is in the darkest part of the room and flash only made things worse because of the way it reflects off the textured surface.

sounds bizarre… but life is like that… :wink: :joy:

Glad you are safe.