English Books

Hi Anyone know where I can donate some english books, preferably near to Guingamp (22) ?

I don’t unfortunately but if anyone else does I shall be interested in their replies!

The nearest outlet for us to use is the converted phone-box in that village, which acts as an informal library for people to add to and borrow from. Most towns around us (50) have them and ours certainly has English books in it. It’s only small though so it couldn’t take many without being overwhelmed.

What are they Roy? The charity shop in Callac might be interested.

Unusual to find any form of charity shop in our neck of the woods! (Not all that far away)

What sort of books are they Roy?
A good friend of mine lives near Plouisy and is an avid reader - especially of politics and philosophy. John (@strudball) might also be interested (politics, history, etc) - he also lives in 22 (as do I) though not very near Guingamp.
There are a lot of the ‘book box’ exchanges around you. The biggest chain of charity shops I guess is Emmaus - lots of books in their Pontivy branch - not sure about the Guingamp area but they must have a shop in Saint-Brieuc I guess.

They are mostly my wifes - daniel steele type books
found an Emmaus in St Brieuc, never seen anywhere for book excahnge locally, although we are further north of guingamp

There is an Emmaus just outside Lannion on the D786 travelling towards Morlaix.
If you live north of Guingamp that shouldn’t be too far…and Lannion particularly on Thursday market day is certainly worth a visit.
As for me, i’m a bit of a book worm but mainly military and transport history, and not sure if i can risk a divorce by acquiring even more!