English creche (MAM)

Hello everyone.

I'm new on here (my first post) and one of the resons why i joined is so that i can meet up with english nannies in France.

I live in Bordeaux (South West) and i am looking in to opening what is called a Maison d'Assistant Maternelles (MAM), which is a kind of mini creche. In order to create one you just need to go on a two week free course, and of course the creche needs to be approved by health and safety.

So...it all sounds pretty easy, which in fact it is. I want to open an english speaking one (which does not yet exist in this area), but i am short of colleges, meaning i am so far by myself.

Is anyone english in the Bordeaux region intrested in this project?

Do you know any other english nanies in France?

Has anyone heard of any other english MAM's?

And would you want your child (0 - 6) to attend one of these as opposed to a standard french creche?

Thanks, and bonne journée!

Yeh, the trouble is you need to be able to have a few grand ready to be able to pay roughly two months rent before earning anything. But once going you can look after four kids and charge as much as you want but over 50€ a day per child means that the family paying doesn’t get the financial help available by the State.
Hopefully I will find someone interested so I can get started.

Good luck to you!!

I looked into creating a MAM when I came back to France, but I couldn't figure out how it could be viable financially. Probably people in Bordeaux are richer than in Marseille:-) and you can pay the rent and renovate 2 rooms while only having 4 children maximum a the crèche!


This sounds like a brilliant idea and just what I'm looking for but I'm in Picardie. If you happen to hear of anything in this area please let me know and best of luck with it!!