English Greetings Cards - to buy, or maybe you'd like to join my team and sell them?

Hi everyone

Packing a year’s supply of birthday cards on the return trip from blighty may not longer be necessary (leaves more room for the Marmite and teabags!). You can now buy high quality, original designs from Phoenix Trading here in France! Only 2,10 € each or 1,80 € each for 10 or more.

I’m an independent distributor for Phoenix and I’m offering free postage on the first order for all ‘Survive in France’ members (usually I ask for a contribution towards the postage of all orders I can’t deliver personally.) Check out the beautiful range on my website:


If you like what you see drop me a mail or give me a ring to place an order (unfortunately, the direct selling regulations here in France mean there’s no shopping basket facility on the website). Get in touch, too, if you’d like a free hard-copy catalogue or a sample card. My contact details are on the website.

Sorry, this offer doesn’t apply to posters, I’m afraid, because la poste charges 10€ to send these. Daylight robbery!

These stationery products are new to France and I’m always looking for people to join my team. If you’re looking for a flexible way to supplement your income with hours to suit you and no sales targets or pressure, then this might be what you’re looking for. I love my Phoenix Trading business and it’s improved my French no end! Let me know if you’d like more information.