English History

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #1

So one of the things mentioned by my friends regularly is whether we will teach our little one & future little Fitzgeralds English history to supplement the French history they will be taught in school.

I'm in favour as we have a tremendous amount of exciting history to share (what with all those kings & queens, fights & wars not least with France!) so I'm interested if anyone has any stories to share about if they feel they have 'set the record straight' with regards to history taught in schools & what your views are on this.



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(Catharine Higginson) #2

The Horrible Histories are great aren’t they!

I’ve found the French centric version they get taught highly amusing. A couple of weeks ago, the youngest was told that the French invented education. The phrase ‘what have the Romans ever done for us?’ springs to mind…And never mind those ancient Greeks…

WW2 is quite a good one too. The eldest has a very anti-establishment history teacher who counteracts the prescribed texts, by muttering things like " oh yes the French joined the resistance. The five of them who weren’t busy collaborating with the Germans that is."

I would definitely try to give them a wider perspective - like Helen says, films and books are a great start.

(Helen Barnes) #3

I am fascinated by history, especially the medieval & Tudor monarchs, my daughter is called Aliénor, so obviously she knows about the Duchess of Aqitaine’s place in English history!! And as you say, a lot of it overlaps with France’s history anyway, we live near Castillon la Bataille where they fought the final battle of the 100 years war and they reenact it every year.

We are currently doing the story of Henry VIII, have been watching some great films like “Anne of the Thousand Days” and of course she loves the BBC’s “Horrible Histories”! Am looking forward to hearing about the French version of the history I already know when she starts secondary school…