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I’m looking for some advice on working as an English Language Assistant in France. Two years a go I took part in the British Council’s Assistants program in Spain and really enjoyed being able to work with both children and adults. I am now looking for a similar post in France, however, I do not wish to use the BC again as it seriously limited my location (we chose 3 regions and then didn’t have a choice of where we went and couldn’t change school either). So I am wondering if it is possible to find a similar post without having to go through the BC? I am already in France currently working in a large international tourist business but this was only ever meant to be temporary while I find my feet.

Any advice welcome!


Morning Leyla

Of course I am happy to give you more info and ideas about the job as Language assistant and Phoenix trading! Would it be best if we caught up by phone? Let me know when is a good time for you and we can have a chat.



Hi again,

Well I'm back in France and back to the job hunt so any help you could give me would be great. I'm looking to do a TEFL course this summer and, although I know it's not needed for assistant work, I'm looking for a job for the new school year to help gain experience in a teaching position and build on my strengths and weaknesses. As I said, I've already worked as an assistant before but am looking at doing it without the British Council so where would I have to start?
Thanks again =)

Hi Lisa, always happy to help!

I was lucky as have some French friends here who have a daughter in Lycee. After the holidays in November one of the English teachers was asking if anyone had spoken in English during the holidays. Ludi said yes and explained about family friends blah blah. The teacher then asked if her friend wanted a job. It is a job that I never even knew existed as our children are in primaire. I had a chat on the phone with her and then I had to ring the rectorat (a bit of a nightmare but got there in the end). It is a job only given to speakers of English as their mother tongue. Ideal for me despite not having experience. My French is fine but I pretend that I don't really understand French with the students. This year at our Lycee there is a Spanish girl who could not get a job in Spain so came over here to improve her French. Her French is really feeble but she is getting on fine.

Do you know which academy you come under? IF not I can find out for you but not back in till Tuesday. It is ideal as 12 hours per week which they have fitted into 2 days for me. I am also a Phoenix trader selling lovely cards so very busy with that at the moment. I also love the fact that I am learning about who the schools work over here which will help for my girls later on.

I am around on Monday if you want to have a chat, let me know and we could swap numbers. Right back on with sorting out card orders. xx


Hey there, it is good that you have a job in the current climate and even better you get to go on holiday! Enjoy!

If you live in 77100, I am presuming near Meaux, then you would fall under the Creteil area. It is the sort of job you could run alongside another job if you get a good timetable. They are always looking for natives as they never have enough assistants. When you get back from your hols we can chat further if you like no worries.


Hi Jenny,
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately October is too short notice for me as I currently have a job and plus I’m gonna be away for most of it on holiday. But it could be good for next year. I’m based in 77100 - but my knowledge of geography is pretty rubbish atm as I haven’t been here long. I’ll have to take a look on Google maps!
Any help would be greatly appreciated =D

Katrina Hi I am sorry for the late reply but I have not long been a member of Survive France. I have worked as an assistant in a Lycee for the past two years. I am in 77 and work with the Rectorat in Creteil. Not sure where you are in Paris but you may be in the right region for Creteil. I have the details of the lady who deals with all of the language assistants.

The job starts in October and runs until the end of April, which is a shame really. Ideal for me as I have children and I get all of the school holidays off with them. If you are not sorted yet let me know and we can talk further.

I have really enjoyed my work and now the Lycee that I am returning to are going to train me up so that I can apply for a Vacataire postition next year and hopefully earn a little more. I had no previous experience of teaching in the UK but really love it.

Hope this is of help


Hi Katrina and Sheila

If you go to my website (www.lartdelanglais.co.uk) you can either phone me or email me and we could talk. You would also be welcome to visit. I run my own business teaching English and have also taught in the public sector. I’m pretty busy, so if you let me know beforehand we could make a date and have a proper discussion. I am even thinking of running open days where people could come and learn a little about how the system works. There are opportunities but I think you need a long term view.



No advice to offer, Katrina, but I am also looking for opportunities in this area. Kind regards. Sheila

Looking for information as well. Well aware these posts are old… but if anyone sees this post and has info to share, I would greatly appreciate it! I am canadian with Delf B2 level french looking for an english language assistant position. I recently graduated bachelor of Education primary/elementary in french immersion. I was too late to apply for the assistant program with Tapif. Heading to France from Sept 2017 to June 2018

Are you still teaching? Please see my post below

Claire, apply to the rectorat in your area, sometimes students don’t turn up/change their mind and the post needs to filled last-minute. Worked for me years ago. I also got a job as an assistant, before qualifying, at a private school - they are more flexible but the pay can be very low.

Hi Claire, I am no longer in France but I agree with Andrew. Apply everywhere and put up signs to teach English to students. People are not stupid and they realize that is you are a mother tongue English speaker with a desire to teach, you are worth a try. Be confident and enthusiastic and try everything. Bon courage.

What is the rectorat? Thank you

local education authority :wink: