English language

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I didn't find a maybe more correct forum so I put it in small talk section: English language.

An American linguist by the name Arika Okrent has made several youtubes about languages. Several videos are obviously about the english-french 'connection':

French Phrases hidden in english words:


The Double Vocabulary of English:


Why Does Q (Almost) Always Go With U?


(Chris Kite) #2

Mortgage = mort gage = death pledge. More important to keep up with your mortgage payments than I'd realized.

(Sue Young) #3

'Mother Tongue' by Bill Bryson is a fascinating (and funny) book about how English developed. Well written and intellegent.

(Véronique Langlands) #4

Steven Pinker and David Crystal are good if you are interested in linguistics. Bill Bryson is amusing and interesting but not always accurate.

(Peter Juselius) #5

here's a internet version of english language :)


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