English Lessons + Question About Creche

(Gill Harvey) #1

If anyone’s worried about their children’s English (writing/reading), I teach English from Key Stage 2 (UK) to GCSE via internet, using an on-screen interactive whiteboard, which works extremely well. I can also enter candidates for GCSE if they wish. Hope I’m allowed to post this here!!

I’d also be interested in people’s experience of the creche system here - I am thinking of putting my little one in (she’s 11 months) so she can make some little French friends and learn the language a bit. Are they generally quite good?

Gill :0)

(Gill Harvey) #2

Key Stage 2 starts at age 7 until age 11 - the final years of Primary in UK. Then Key Stage 3 is age 11-14, Key Stage 4 is GCSE level.

I have now looked into a Creche in my local town - and although they can’t guarantee me a place, they are going to ring on a weekly basis with availability. I only want to put her in for 1 morning or afternoon a week for the time being as she’s only 10 months. My worry is she’s quite clingy, but I suppose that’s a reason to put her in. It’s very difficult though: as she’s my first I think I may have more of a problem than she will!

Many thanks for the information.

Gill :0)

(Tracy Thurling) #3

Hi Gill,
Thanks for the info on English help - although as my kids are both French born and is many, many years since I left school - what age is key stage 2?
As for the creche system here, I have only praise for it. My eldest went to a creche familliale full time at 15 months while I was at work and the youngest went to the Halte Garderie 2 mornings a week from the age of 9 months, just to give me a break. When you are here without grandmas etc, it’s an absolute relief to be able to give yourself some time to catch up on the housework and shopping! How sad! In fact for the youngest, it was more to expose him to some French as we had recently moved house and didn’t know many people in the area. Ironically, he is the one that is not really keen to speak French (mind you he isn’t 4 yet) while the eldest much prefers to speak French to everyone.
I would especially recommend it if you don’t have French speaking friends or don’t speak French yourself - my friend’s son really struggled when he started school at 3 as he had never been exposed to the language and that is for a child born here. Of course children always manage but why make it more difficult than it has to be.
You need to check out each possibility - if you are not working you will have limited choice - as like anywhere else, some creche’s are better than others but on the whole, standards seem pretty high. I think it is important for kids to be exposed to others as it does tend to ‘socialise’ them, as the French say and if you have a limited social circle (which can happen when you live overseas) it can only be a good thing.