🎸 English Native Childcare Provider and Guitar Player - Par

Hello all :slight_smile:
I am looking for a dynamic and responsible individual to accompany my 10-year-old son every other week. You will play the role of an “older brother” or “older sister,” helping him with his homework and training him in guitar, all in English.


Pick up my son from school at 4:30pm (train schedules are flexible and potentially early start times on some days)
Assist with homework and ensure it is completed
Play the guitar and work on exercises (guitar skills required)
Interact and communicate in English


English as a native language
Experience in taking care of siblings or other children is a plus
Ability to play the guitar (not necessarily teach, just know how to play)
Sense of responsibility, patience, and ability to create a stimulating and fun environment


Paris, 18th arrondissement


Every other week, from 4:30pm to 7:30pm (possible flexibility)

Rate: €12-15 / hr

Contact me :slight_smile:

Hello, presumably you will use CESU

Just putting the link in case you aren’t familiar with it.

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Don’t know where you will be advertising, but requesting a native english speaker is not allowed as it is discriminatory. Only some public sector jobs are legally restricted to French nationals. Apart from that you can’t specify. Maybe us “completely fluent” instead?.

L’article l1132-1 du code du travail définit précisément la nationalité comme critère discriminatoire

A good bet would be putting an ad in FUSAC https://fusac.fr/

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I’m wondering if Pôle Emploi would help you find someone? Altjough I’m not sure if they work with individual employers. Might be worth asking.

Le Bon Coin has employment adverts, might be worth a try

Highly unlikely for a student-type very part-time job, unless the employer is going to set up a CDD and even then… An unemployed pole-emploi registered job-seeker isn’t going to go for something that pays under 500€ a month gross, and whose hours would be likely to clash with another possible job, or education.

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You might find someone on here https://www.apprentus.com/en-fr/guitar-lessons/france/2 you can also find tutors of languages and allsorts if you go into the drop down menu for other people interested in getting private tuition.

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Ah ok. I recall a friend getting a 1 day a week cleaning job for the holiday season via pole emploi but that was over 10 years ago. I expect things have changed.