English portable gas heater

Can anyone advise me on whether I would be able to use an English portable gas fire in France with an adapter for the connection to the portable gas cylinder over in France as I know they are different. Have done some research and cant seem to find any info.


LPG is the same pretty much the same the world over. Most appliances run on Butane or Propane. Propane has a lower freezing temperature so is good if the bottle is stored outdoors, butane if the bottle is inside the house or heater cabinet. Buy the appropriate regulator to suit the gas used & the bottle chosen & Bob's yer uncle.

Ok thanks for that....we haven't bought portable a gas fire but want to buy one from here to use out there and realise that the portable gas connections could be different and don't want to make a mistake in buying the wrong sort. The one we have seen looks like a wood burner and is quite stylish .

Don't know which type of heaters you are referring to but we have used our gas portable radiators here for years, ours are the type that have ceramic bricks flat on the front that glow orange when the gas is burning, the gas bottle 13k sits in the back and they can be wheeled around.We just changed the regulator to a butane French one and attached a French butane bottle.

When we first came this type weren't available but now I see them in the likes of castorama and leroy marlin.