English speaking accountant in Burgundy

Does anyone know an English speaking accountant in the south Burgundy area please, preferably near Cluny, Macon, Chalon sur Saone? Or one who can advise remotely?
In particular to advise for small businesses or auto-entrepreneurs.

Accountants tend not to understand micro entreprise since they rarely deal with micro entrepreneurs. One of the main attractions of the scheme is that unlike other business statuts, you are not obliged to use an accountant, and in fact since there is no flexibility in the scheme, there is no potential for an accountant to save you money, or even help you recoup the cost of his fees. So it would be refreshingly honest of any accountant to recommend micro as the way to go. You might get more impartial advice from your chamber of commerce or whatever other business advice organisations you have near you. And if you decide to use a statut other than micro, then look for an accountant.
PS If you’re in an area with a significant expat presence, your chamber of commerce will almost certainly have an English speaking advisor.
PPS Just noticed it’s your first post - welcome to the forum!

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Hi Anna,
Thanks for the info. You are quite right about not needing an accountant as a micro entrepreneur, but this is for English speaking clients of mine moving to France and potentially going over the limit. So they want to know the advantages of both systems.
I have never found anyone helpful at the chamber of commerce in 25 years of living in France but would be glad to hear anything to the contrary in Macon or Chalon sur Saone if anyone can help me.

It’s a shame your CdC is unhelpful, because usually their advisors are very well trained and bang up to speed with the latest regulations, I’ve always been quite impressed by how professional they are. They’re not always good at thinking outside the box, but they are good at explaining things and very solid on giving the correct advice.
Do you not have any local business support services such as a Centre de Formalités d’Entreprise or a Communauté des Communes office or anything? Failing that, how about suggesting they sign up to http://www.startbusinessinfrance.com/ ? Valérie is extremely good.