English-speaking artisans

Hi Languedocciens (sorry if that's not what we are) - I am viewing an apartment in Sete on Wednesday which needs a lot of work doing on it. The immobilier, who I thought seemed OK though his English is amost non-existent, has an artisan (a friend?), who he has already had some estimates done by. However, I am taking with me on Wednesday the property manager I'm renting through for 6 months (he and his wife also help expats with finding property, translating at Notaires, settling in etc, for a fee). He phoned this morning and said he knew of the Immobilier (L'Espace), and didn't think they were very good (not sure what that means?), so I'm now thinking that's not a problem if I like the apartment, but I already wasn't happy about using his French-speaking artisan chum, and will probably only go ahead if anyone can recommend a reasonably local English-speaking artisan (mainly for new kitchen and bathroom), so probably a joiner who has plumbing and electrician contacts? I'd be really grateful if anyone has any recommendations, or can point me in the direction of an expat list of workmen, if such a thing exists. Thanks.

Thanks Steve - I have emailed Roy Dyson; he sounds like he could do all and more of the work I will need. Thanks so much for the link.

Roy at http://www.dysonpropertyrenovations.com/ is fine, English, and can do Sète. Multiskilled, might be able to do all the jobs himself

Builders in Sète have a dreadful reputation. Except perhaps Christophe PALANGIAN 06 80 07 52 45,not much English, never used but recommended as conscientious and competent by someone whose judgement we trust.

Thanks Robin - I've signed up with the Anglophone Group and shall have a look at the other websites you mention.

Nancy McGee knows lots about Sete - she lives there and runs an excellent Anglo site

Try Nancy McGee - she runs an excellent Anglo organisation in Sete - try the website www.anglophone-group-languedoc-roussillon.com/index.htm

Also there at local websites - The Herault Times and the Herault Whats On website has some craftsmen listed