English speaking care for Dementia sufferer?

My 83 yr old mmother used to live in Mallorca, Spain but 2 1/2yrs ago she started showing the early symptoms of Alzheimers/Dementia and the Spanish SS decided she could no longer live alone. In Europe it is the LAW that children & grandchildren must care (or pay for the care) for their elderly family, so they contacted me here in France. Of course I brought her back to live with us.

However now her situation has deteriorated and it is proving very difficult & frustrating for her doctors to assess & properly treat her condition because of the language difficulty. They don’t speak English & she doesn’t speak French. They believe she is suffering from Dementia with Lewy Bodies and we are now looking into a care home or specialist “famille d’acceuil” where she can be safe & well cared for, but where there is someone who can communicate in English with her?

I was wondering if anyone on this forum can give me any adice?


Jacqueline Reddin- Williams