English speaking hairstylist?

Hey guys, I’m new to Paris and I don’t speak French yet, and I need a haircut. I’m a guy with long hair, and many men’s barbers don’t really cut long hair (unless you’re going for short hair, which isn’t my plan). Any suggestions for an affordable unisex salon? Preferably around the 18th arrondissement. Thanks for your time and help! :heart:

P. S: Google hasn’t been helpful, the ones they list are reaallly expensive

Have you asked a neighbour/friend/colleague…??

Most coiffures display prices, either in window or on the counter. That way you can be sure they do men’s hair - although most do now. And men’s always seem to be half the price of women’s cuts (which always infuriates me as my hair is shorter than OH’s a lot of the time!).

Walk around and look, and maybe take a picture if the type of cut you want. You’re in France so do try to manage without seeking out English bubbles.

Don’t get the extras, and I would have thought you’d find somewhere under 20€.

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Thoroughly agree. In fact through COVID when they haven’t had the style books out for people to look at, I have taken to showing them a photo of myself with a haircut from a few years back that I liked - that works pretty well. If you have specific words that you need (for example I never remember the word for layering) it can be sensible to look them up on google translate (or similar) and go armed. I think they quite like cutting my hair because I’m not wittering all the time and they can just get on with it and I can just relax. :grin:

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I think either of these would do nicely:


Are these anywhere near you ?