English speaking Lawyer - Montpellier?

Can anyone recommend an English speaking Lawyer in Montpellier? I have won a legal battle in Rodez high court concerning a property sale, the other party has appealed against the courts decision. The appeal is to be heard in Montpellier where my lawyer has no jurisdiction.

Hi Keith… I’m sorry but we do not seem to have any takers on this topic.

Have you asked your own Lawyer… I would have thought that someone within the Law, is best placed to know about who is available in Montpelier…

I have found this if it helps …


Name City Region Phone Language(s) spoken
M. Jean-Philippe ANDRIEU MONTPELLIER CEDEX 4 +33467607498 English, French
M. François GRANIER MONTPELLIER CEDEX 02 +33467660376 English, French
Mme. Anne VIDAL MONTPELLIER CEDEX 2 +33467606133 English, French

Oops sorry, so mixed up at the moment.

You need an Avocat at Montpellier who can speak English…

If you go on Google and type … Avocat qui parle anglais à Montpellier you will finde several… here is one for instance, but there are quite a few more who speak English, good luck !

And if you scroll through here also for Montpellier …