English speaking lawyer


Can anybody please help me find a french, family lawyer, who speaks english very well?

Many thanks if you can


Hi, I would suggest Sara Bright Thomas, based in Toulouse so not so far from you...


HI Ladies,

I live in Marseillette between Carcassonne and Narbonne and I have found an English speaking lawyer who is brilliant!

He gave us great advice for nothing and speaks very good English:

Christophe Ferrand

9 avenue des anciens combattants



04 68 79 15 96


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Hi Sue,

I have just become a member, and I spotted that you know a

English speaking lawyer in Eymet. Is it possible to have his name and phone

number. Many Thanks Marie

Brilliant, much appreciated Terry, thanks

Check out the Useful Links page - go to the "Social" tab at the top of the page and it's the last item in the menu. There's a section headed "Legal Help" where you may find the answer you need.

Thanks Sue, I'm between Beziers and Carcassonne - too far away?

Where are you located? I know a very good one in Eymet Dordogne.

Hi everyone, glad to be in the group. Can anyone recommend an English speaking Lawyer near to 87230. Also does anyone know if there is a Government body where you can go when you have a complaint against a French Accountant. Thank you in advance.

Hi Christine and welcome to the Forum.

Do you have a good relationship with your Mairie? Obviously, I have no idea what problems you have encountered. If you can talk privately with someone there - they may be able to help you move this forward to a satisfactory conclusion. They will know to whom you can turn for help.

Does that seem a possibility ??

Look up your Conseil Régional de l’Ordre des Experts-Comptables. There are processes you can start for mediation or conciliation which are perhaps easier than litigation (médiateur ou conciliateur).

This is link to one covering Montpellier