English speaking vet

Hey I’m desperately looking for an English speaking vet, preferable at the 12th arrondissement but Im ready to go literally everywhere.
Im so tired of not even being capable to schedule an appointment.

Hello Alin and welcome to the forum.

I googled and found this site which is speaking English when making the appointment on line (so that is hopeful) … and you can “add a note for the Vet to consider” and write that you don’t speak French.

Also it offers a direct telephone numb er…
“If you don’t find any matched visit motive, feel free to reach the clinic : [01 43 43 17 13]”

If you live here then it is fairly odd not to even be able to make an appointment in the language of the country. So perhaps time to learn french.

Failing that haven’t you got some french speaking friends who could help you?

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