English Speaking Vets

Does anyone know of any English speaking vets in the Creuse?

You may find your local vet speaks English - all of the vets we have visited in 3 practices have spoken excellent English.

I have tried a number and have yet to be as lucky. Can you name them?

Yes I do, but whereabouts in the Creuse are you?

Hi Gary, I use the vet in Bonnat ( Clinique Veterinaire du Bel Air) they also have a practice in Dun le Palestel. Have taken my cats there for over 13 years now and I cannot praise them highly enough. Two of the three vets (1 Belgian, 1 French, speak good English ) the 3rd vet (French) doesn’t speak much English and he is lovely, he came to my house to put one of my cats to sleep and did so with such compassion and understanding. The vet nurses are also lovely too. My first cat was FIV positive (as is my current rescue…) and he used to ‘board’ at the vets if I was going away, he had the run of the place and used to sit on the counter keeping the staff company :slightly_smiling_face: hope this helps

As others have said, whereabouts in the Creuse you are would be a great help. I have a great vet in Haute Vienne who may be good if you lived in that part, but is obviously no good if you live in Auzances or somewhere!

I am between Aubusson and Bourganeuf

Dawn, which of vets in Bonnat speak English?

Hi Gary,
Dr Mirguet speaks English and there is a female vet (can’t remember her name) who also speaks English. If you need any more info, let me know, happy to help :smiley_cat:

Thanks Dawn I will be making an appointment directly

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Great, hope all goes well.

The vet in Aubusson, Jerome Bollache, speaks English.