English teachers wanted

Please contact me if you’re interested and I’ll pass your details on.

Do you know anyone who is English wants to earn a little extra money teaching the French English on the web?

The website is Learnship.de, which is an online teaching system based in Cologne, Germany.

They began by providing web-based courses in English for German

speakers, and have now expanded to the French market, opening an office

in Paris.

They are seeking to recruit more teachers of English who can interact

with the learners in their native language well enough to provide

effective learning (i.e. not necessarily need to be completely fluent in

French, but speak well enough to explain any things that arise whilst

teaching English). They provide courses to individuals and also to

businesses, so deal with French companeis who may with to improve their

employees language skills.

A large element of the teaching is one-to-one online interaction with a

native-level speaker, therefore they are looking to recruit teachers who

might want a bit of extra work alongside their normal jobs - the hours

can be very flexible as it is done over the net between teacher and


Hi Alison,

Could you email me, please (dslfr@hotmail.com), then I can pass your details on.



Would be very interested to know more - I have a TEFL certificate, speak good French and am always interested in earning money! Allison

Hi Siobhan

Could you email me on dslfr@hotmail.com?

Many thanks


Hi Hilary,

I’ve passed your question on to the person concerned. I’m just the messenger.

If you let me have your email, I’ll pass that on too.


Hi Sarah,

Sounds interesting. What info do you need? CV in English or French, for example? Would obviously prefer to send it by e-mail.

Best wishes