English vets in Limoges area

Hi everybody,

Could anyone recommend an English vet in the Limoges area or that speaks quite good English? If they know a bit about greyhounds great. If not, not a worry.

Thank you!



just put in your postcode and it brings up a variety… you can check them out…

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Hi Emily, I discovered the Clinique Vanteaux in Limoges. My vet insisted on speaking English to me every time I spoke French. (Maybe that says more about my French than anything!) There were lots of dogs being taken there (didn’t spy any greyhounds at the time) but they have all the current high tech diagnostics etc. - check out their website and see what you think. When I was there the receptionist received a call from someone inquiring if they spoke English and she went to get a technician who also spoke English as well. Central, fairly easy to access and great parking right on site. Maybe give them a call or visit to see if they might work for you. Ideally nice to have a vet (or doctor) in your back pocket before you need them! Good luck!

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There is a Dutch practice in St Junien and they speak excellent English.

Thank you Stella, I have found 2 vets from that website.

Thanks Lison, I found the vet you are referring to on a previous post where you had the same problem as me. Lol. I also found Pôle Vétérinaire des Cigognes as well, and they seem good too! The doggies have a place they get looked after now! Yay!!

Ah, that’s great news Emily! One and a backup!:slight_smile: Yes, I was trying to get a recommendations category going but there must be some complication to it that escapes me as of yet…??

Is your vet team close to Limoges/where you live? How many greyhounds do you have? I’ve heard it’s best to adopt them in twos or more, is that so? Good for you! Such regal beautiful dogs!