Enquête Logement

I have received an Enquête Logement to be filled in by telephone interview, the trouble is although I can read the words in the 39 sublects to be responded to I do not have the social context to understand the way to respond, has anybody completed one of these and can advise please

I’ve never done one, however I’ve found generally with these sorts of things all you need to do is answer honestly. For example, if you think the housing is expensive, then it is for you no matter whether that’s an ok rent for anyone else.

I’m puzzling to think of a question that needs an understanding of social context to determine your answer…could you give an example?

It will be helpful to know who sent you this.
It could be just a ‘Recensement de la population’, a local survey from the council or a scam or something else entirely…

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The enquête logement is a real thing and conducted every few years by INSEE
I’ve never taken part in one but (according to that link) it seems they ask factual questions about your housing situation and the qualities of the property.

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& where is the link from the OP??? I’ve lived here for the last 30 yrs, never had one of those. Details from the OP would be better than surmising.

It is real…and as Brian said it is done every 4 years by INSEE. You need to be in rented property to receive one, and it is only a small percentage of those that rent too. Maybe 100,000 each time.

These things are very good to keep track of standards and help stop rental property being sub-standard.

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Formal letter from Ipsos/Ministry of housing, the scheme has been going since 1955 and they send out 70,000 of them every 4 or 5 years


I They say 70,000 each time,


Yes, but a title in the OP post is not or just an indication from whence it came.
If It is just a legit survey all well & good.
Before replying I’d rather have a few details…

I have owned this property for almost 22 years and some while back participated in the survey to register property and it’s condition, this includes things like education levels and so on


Ok, then just reply to the questions asked, they will just note your social & living context/conditions among the thousands in the survey, noting to be worried about.
P.S if they ask for your banking details put the phone down :smiley:

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Page 1 Titled “Question : DIPARP/DIPBRP”

  1. CEP

  2. BEPC

  3. CAP, BEP

  4. Bacc


  6. Bacc Pro

  7. BTS, DUT, Deug, Deust

  8. Licence, Licence Pro

  9. Master DEA, DESS

  10. Doctorat

Plainly this is to do with education but beyond that? There are 39 pages in the booklet, Page 2 Question : KAO, Page 3 Question KCEC etc. with up to 31 options. The accompanying letter give me a portal and access/passwords to book and estimated 60 minute phone call to collect my responses (this would normally be a visit). Some of the Questions seem to have overlaps in the possible responses, if I understood what the 39 categories were, and the acronyms and just as important the intention I may be closer.


Like I said I am missing context


Might be something to help here