Enseignant Contractuel help / advice

Hi all,

I know some of you have taught before / do teach. I desperately want to get a ‘proper’ job for this September as I’m barely scraping by with part time work and my private students and I doubt my tourism job will come back on line this year, if ever.

I spent a long time looking at my options last year and even considered getting my MEEF and trying to do my CAPES to become a proper teacher. I decided that this isnt’ the way I want to go (at the moment anyway - very hard work, hard to pass, you are sent where they want you to etc) and that being an enseignant contractuel would be a really good way to go as I can do it as I’ve BAC +5 equivalent so is in theory possible.

Has anyone done this? Any thoughts / advise / help you can offer would be much appreciated.

Next big question is I’ve hit my first stumbling block - according to this site (which is the best information I’ve found):

I need to apply to my rectorate which I’ve tried today to do (which I’d forgotten I’d actually started doing last year as 1/2 my dossier is complete!) which is on this site here:
I remember now it was the time issue to get my degrees looked at and given an ‘eqivilance’ - they check your uni is kosher / hours of course etc so you can prove what you have done. this is what it says on the rectorate site:
#### Equivalence

Si vos diplômes n’ont pas été obtenus en France vous devez contacter le CIEP pour demander une équivalence :

Département de reconnaissance des diplômes - Centre ENIC-NARIC France
Fine I thought and off I went to pay my €70 and try to get that sorted. Until I read step 1:
Pour obtenir une attestation, le diplôme étranger doit être reconnu par les autorités compétentes du pays où il a été délivré et sanctionner une formation académique et/ou professionnelle.

Le centre ENIC-NARIC France ne peut en aucun cas traiter les demandes de reconnaissance de diplômes permettant l’exercice d’une profession médicale, même si son titulaire ne souhaite pas l’exercer et prévoit uniquement une poursuite d’études dans un nouveau domaine. Il est inutile de contacter le centre ENIC-NARIC France dans ce cas.
What am I supposed to do? The rectorate needs to see you have a minimum of BAC+3 but my degrees are in nursing and then midwifery so ‘profession médicale’.

Does anyone know of any other places or where I could go? It isn’t like it is a certificate saying that you can practice, just that you have those studies behind me. What, I wonder, do other medical people do if they have come here to study advanced molecular biology or something and the uni (as they do) ask for this, there must be somewhere I can get some sort of certificate?

Do I give up on trying to get into the public system and just go for the private where it seems you can directly contact each school you are interested in?

any other ideas? I was all excited this morning and then feel like I’ve failed at the first hurdle!

Can’t help concretely, but maybe you have to explore a more indirect route? First get your midwifery qualifications recognised, and then with that in hand try to swap tracks for a different destination? Did you qualify in Oz? As Brexit might have buggered up Uk qualifications.

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I hadn’t actually read that line properly now you’ve highlighted it, I was concentrating ont he next bit:

I can’t get them recognised here as I didn’t work for 3 years before I left Oz :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:- other wise it would have been an easy swap at ARS with a 6 month buddy system / stage. So I’m not trying to get them to give me a thing to say I can practise, just a reconnaissance of my degrees if that makes sense and they seem to talk about that on other parts of the site but perhaps I’ve just got the wrong end of the stick :thinking:

Oh how massively irritating. I wonder if ringing the rectorat might be an idea, and actually talking to a real person. Might be easier to pin them down.


You could just do the concours and see how you get on. If you have at least 3 children you aren’t required to show any previous exam attainments at all.

You are probably right, although I loathe speaking French on the phone I’ve improved now I’m ringing dozens of mairies every week :rofl: . I just have a sinking feeling that they’ll say you have to have that end of story! Unless it is more important perhaps for those say wanting to teach Geography as they have a geography degree. Where I’m wanting to teaching English as a native speaker with back up degrees (presumably to show my high levels of intelligence :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:). Maybe I should just submit the dossier with the 2 degrees attached and then if there is a notes or comments box I can explain I’m trying to find a way to get an equivalence certificate for them.

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If you are married and have children and get the concours (not as hard as they make out, you can do lectures to prepare for it apparently, I didn’t and still got it) you can play the rapprochement de conjoint card and you’ll get more points anyway so unlikely to be sent off anywhere stupid.

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I got that…I didn’t realise there was a barrier to swapping little ozzie babies for french ones…

Have you asked at the Pole Emploi for specialist advice? Some of the PE have a reputation for being useless, but not all.

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And you sign up with the SNES and if the worst comes to the worst and the EN wants to send you to some hellhole they will fight for you - and if THAT doesn’t work you tell them to shove it, they will still cry for you to be a vacataire.

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I know, I had a huge read through it all last year, I just got worried as they say you can still be sent quite a long way away and with dh’s health that isn’t an option for me. Also the external CAPES written French component is horrific, I really think I’d have little chance of passing with my written French! If I can get a contractuel job and decide I like it I can then do the internal CAPES after I think 2 years which for English is much easier with more English.

I know - they come out the same way :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I might try that except I’ve accidently got myself un-signed up with them as been a bit of a mess the last couple of months with my sisters health and teens behaviours!

I think the thing that got me is someone told me - IF you tell them to shove it and take a local job you apparently loose your ‘titularie’ and end up having to work contractual anyway!

Yes of course naturally you lose the benefit of the concours, but you are no worse off than you were before. If you are not titulaire (tenured) you are either a contractuel or a vacataire. After 200 hours in one year as a vacataire you should be contractualisée and then you are contractuelle forever after unless you do the concours and are titularisée.

Ahhh that makes more sense put like that!

i thought they’d got rid of vacataires?

Le statut d’enseignant vacataire

Le statut de vacataire, qui existait dans l’enseignement public, a été supprimé en 2016 . Il correspondait à l’intérimaire dans le secteur privé. L’enseignant était engagé par un chef d’établissement pour des « missions » ponctuelles, dans le cas par exemple du remplacement d’un enseignant titulaire en arrêt maladie. L’enseignant vacataire était donc susceptible de travailler dans plusieurs établissements au cours de l’année.

Un vacataire de l’enseignement secondaire était rémunéré à l’heure (34,30 €/h) pour un maximum de 200 heures par an, sans garantie de voir son contrat reconduit.

What do you think @vero do you think I should just put the application in with my degrees and a note as to I’m trying to get it sorted out? Or better to call?

I’d do both, call first so you get someone’s name, and that’s to whom you will send your dossier. I expect you are right about vacataire status but I still see people around who aren’t settled colleagues, they must be contractuels.


That is the confusing thing, the whole dossier thing is online not to a person but yes I’ll call and talk to them then on Monday before I do anything.

Hah, they say online but I bet you have to send a paper dossier too at some stage.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: of course I fully expect so - in triplicate :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Do you know what is super frustrating - I had another look, probably in October, just before I started my other job and there were about 3 Spanish contractuel jobs in commuting distance! So frustrating!

OMG so my sister passed away a few days after my last post on here so here I am mid June trying to get all my options organised and start sending out CVs. A bit gutting as I’d intended to do this in April / May but life (well death in this case!) got in the way.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how I get on. Any other thoughts / ideas please let me know!


No other ideas / thoughts Tory other than to wish you very well and to say “trust in the process”. It may not feel like it at the time and it’s absolutely ghastly to lose a sibling, but things happen for a purpose. My brother died just before Christmas 15 years ago. Within 7 months we’d sold our house and found a place in France and moved. We always say he is watching over us. I’d rather have him here, but he’s doing a jolly fine job looking after us there - wherever and whatever “there” is. May you too feel your sister is doing the same.


Awwww that made me :cry: thank you Sue, it is a lovely thought and I’m sure she is, unless she is still to busy catching up with dad to worry about us down here :rofl: :rofl:!


Just seen this thread - it’s worth noting that if you are British you can no longer pass the CAPES exam as access to the function public is limited to French and EU citizens. Those part of the function public before the end of the transition period can keep their access.

British citizens, like any, can still work as contractuels through.

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