Entering EDF meter reading on your online account

Good morning all,
Feeling extremely silly after failing to find where to enter our meter readings on the EDF website. I did a quick search and found an entry in 2015, but I suspect the website has evolved since then.
Can anyone advise which part of the EDF website you enter your meter readings (Plein and Creuse).
Thanks in advance.

Do you not have a Linky meter? With Linky, the numbers are automatically read for you without any need for interaction by the consumer.
If not, under the old system, we used to get an email from EDF to say the numbers were due with a link to the EDF site to plonk them in. In more recent times, I downloaded the EDF&MOI app on my smartphone and that was even easier.

Have you gone into your Espace Client… ???


Thanks for the responses. The apartment building was built 17 years ago, and so far I am not aware that anyone has managed to get a smart installed yet.
Thanks for the screen shot Sunbeam, my homepage when I am logged in looks different - I am using an iPad rather than laptop so that may be why.
I did try downloading the EDF & Moi onto my phone, it didn’t come up so will try calling the English speaking helpline.

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The screen shot is of the page you will pull up if you use the link I have posted in the same reply…

it tells you various ways to inform EDF… (including through your client space)

if all else fails, you will receive an estimated bill which can be adjusted next time.

It is confusing in that, when you log into Edf using your email and password, it looks as if you are in your personal space @Jollybodger but actually you aren’t. If you then click on the Espace Client bit on the top right of the screen, you actually get the details of your account and can enter your readings from there. In the past, I have emailed pictures of the meter to them so that they could see for themselves what the readings were but you shouldn’t need to do that. Good luck!

maybe their site is down and to try later :thinking:

There are specific windows before a bill is due where you can enter the reading - if you are not due a bill soon, there isn’t a link for the relevé. For my account they send email when you can enter the reading.