‘Enterprise Service Employment Voucher’ (Titre Emploi Service Entreprise, TESE)

(Graham Dooley) #1

Are there any emloyers out there using the ‘Enterprise Service Employment Voucher’ (Titre Emploi Service Entreprise, TESE) for pating staff.

I would like some feed back on the simplicity, advantages etc if anyone can help.

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #2

That’s what I was afraid of! So my 10 euro turns into around 15 euros hmmmmmmmmm plus a lot of hassle.

(Tracy Thurling) #3

I’ve used CESU to pay a babysitter and yes, you have to pay 10% holiday pay on top. Then the following month you get a bill for the social charges. So, you pay 8.81€ an hour, then 88 centimes on top for holiday pay, then another approx 3.50€ per hour in social charges - 13€ an hour for a babysitter. Fair enough in the day time or in tourist places - but out in the sticks, when my 2 are well tucked up in bed before the baby sitter arrives, it’s outrageous. We simply don’t go out any more!

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #4

so if the person works less than an 8 hour week it appears we don’t need a contract, in which case any ideas what the dismissal period would be?

I notice one has to pay 10% extra for holiday pay - is this paid to the employee on top of their ‘notional 10euro per hour’ in my case?

Are there other charges to pay on top or is the employee responsible for paying their own charges as we’ve told the authorities how much we’ve paid them. The AI Ursaaf page talks about paying net…net of what?

Has anyone used CESU to make payments?

I’m a bit concerned now that it’s not as straight forward as ‘paying legitimately 10euro per hour’ but in fact enters us into an employer/ee situation…

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(Catharine Higginson) #5

Thanks everyone - very useful thread …

(Graham Dooley) #6

Yes I have read it - in this case the employer did not go through the correct formalities of dismissal however not many people realise that this type of employment is still subject to French Law when it comes to dismissal.

(Graham Dooley) #7

Before you get hooked on Cheque Emploi or CESU I have just picked up this case on a private French forum . Basically if you employ through this method after three months the employee is considered to have a permanent contract and you have to go through the formalities of French Labour law to dismiss them. In this case a cleaning lady was dismissed incorrectly and as a result the employer was ordered to pay 20,000 Euros and 100 per day for any delay in payment. Unfortunately I cannot find the actual case but I bet many people did not realise the problems that might occur following dismissal.

The average payment for cheque emploi for the French is 12 Euros per hour and 12 - 15 hours per week

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #8

I’m interested to know a bit more about CESU, for example if I wanted to pay someone say 10 euros an hour would I then as employer have to pay social charges on top of this to URSSAF? Or is it the employee who is responsible to pay the charges from their pay?

(Graham Dooley) #9

Thanks for that I have already read it.