Entrance doors


I'm looking to buy an exterior door. The uPVC ones that I've seen look dreadful so my options appear to be limited to aluminium or wood. The ali ones I've seen are nice but super expensive. Do you have any recommendations as to where to look for reasonably priced doors. I'll be going to Bayonne later today to see what they have in Leroy, Casto and Lapeyre.

I need 215 or 200 x 90cm for under €500



Very good Ron but I'm vetoing it as I think it would be a pain to clean?

found one!


I know a guy in the trade, who's knocking these gold plated doors out for 199.99 e,

He does deliver ( cash only ) but be warned, the knockers are well expensive.


Do you have a photo available?



Ive got one 215 /90 wood /glass which opens similar LePeyre "Talcy"

Thanks James, appreciate that. Bon chance for your doors too!

Have a look at this Phil http://www.salvoweb.com/france/aude-11/antique-and-reclaimed-materials/directory.html

Got to run, I'll let you know how we get on at Vial when I get back

We are in the process of buying a second house in the village! The idea was to buy a lock up/garage/shed as a storage facility, but part of the old bakery came up for sale.

The estate agents phrase, "Could do with some internal modernisation" springs to mind, so does "blank canvas" Oh and the 1st floor, floor is missing etc etc!!

Anyway, the front and back doors have been replaced with uPVC as a temporary job, as the previous original wooden doors were well past their sell by date by about 50 years!

Same dilemma then James, but I think we would prefer to replace these with traditional wooden doors, in keeping with the style of the existing town houses in the street. Just need to know where to buy them. I've not come across any archictectural salvage yards as there are in the UK, so far. Does anyone know of such a facility in the Aude/Herault?

Good luck with your deliberations James.

Thanks Martin, I will drop in to Brico Depot and have a look if the Vial ones aren't suitable.

Maybe a bit over your budget James but Bricodepot do a solid oak door and frame for €615, cheaper than what i can make then for.

Thanks again Kate, I've just taken a look at http://www.vial-menuiseries.com/ and I may go there instead today, prices look good.

Thanks Kate, good advice, I'll have a look at Vial now :)

Have you looked at Vial? Great prices for good quality doors, windows etc. Only problem with them is that if not in stock takes ages to get items.

Also we got some brilliant, top quality hardwood exterior doors for 200 euros each from a local company in Nérac who sold end of line doors, windows etc. so worth a hunt around your local suppliers.