"Epson Odessey" AND "Why you cant buy a Dyson in France"

Just a bit of fun for you. i passed an intersting morning with some DIY and thought you might find the results amusing. the full story board is on my facebook (obviosly in order starting with the first photo), linked below.

Photo Storyboard on Facebook

Please enjoy, i did... retrospectivley


@Catherine, shall import then if i can save a bit. can pick them up for next to nothing in the uk and thanks for the spare parts page. oddly enough i was about to hunt for a cordless telephone battery et voila, they have what we need there.

@Bill, yes that potato spindle could use some salt

Mind you those Dyson cartridges are a terrible price and you can’t get them cheap on line from Germany like the epsons

You forgot to add the salt it would seem

It will be much cheaper to buy outside France though Liam. If you need spare dyson parts, www.espares.co.uk are a great site!

I’ll have to have a good look, we saw an exposé like a watchdog sort of thing a couple of years back following the “repair “ services of the big chains in France. They made a big thing about the lack of Dysons and round our way the shops don’t have them. Great to hear they exist here though as I was about to import one and put a French plug on it (though an adapter would be easier). That’s my Christmas present idea sorted then, phew and its only September-ish.
Thanks all

Well done on fixing that thing Liam!

I have to agree with Steve, Dyson products are easily available in France, all the big electrical stores do them, Boulanger,Darty,Planet Saturn, even the supermarkets sell them, I know…I,ve bought two of them here lol…their hand held hoover is brilliant, I love it.

I am impressed that you bothered to try repairing a printer when they are so cheap these days. I am in the process of trying to repair a dishwasher so will have a look on that site to see if I can get a manual that will tell me how to get the pump out.

You are however wrong, Dyson products are available in France, Boulanger stock the cleaners and our local Chinese has one of their airblade hand dryers (wonderful bit of kit)