Epson Workforce WF 7620

Hello we bought one of these within the last 2 months. It was second hand and working. It was purchased mainly for its ability to print A3 as I am a weaver and wanted to be able to print poster size for using for a tapestry cartoon. The inks were nearly dried out but I managed to obtain a print head check etc.,. We have put in Epson print cartridges and cleaned the print head thoroughly but to no avail. I have tried all the usual tricks and cannot get a response from the printer at all.

I have now taken the cartridges out, taped over the ink holes and cling filmed each cartridge and placed them all so that the ink does not drain out into a pack and placed that within a plastic bag.

I am of the opinion that there is something wrong with the print head and would like to know if anyone has knowledge of a person who can look at the printer for me and get the bl*sted thing working. I am in Reguiny so anyone within a 20 kilometer radius would be grand. Thank you very much for your kind help.