Epstein found dead in cell

BBC News - Jeffrey Epstein: Financier ‘found dead in cell’ in New York

An unsatisfactory, though not unwarranted end.

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Very convenient for Trump, Prince Andrew and others who were implicated alongside him.

Has to make you wonder if this was suicide or something way more sinister…


I actually do not know who this person is. Call me ignorant but maybe it is better not to know the circumstances where such a person is sadly compelled to take their own life or worse that someone else is capable of doing it for them.

He is fairly famous, or should that be infamous. His trafficking of under age girls for sex was covered up a few years ago by a conviennent arrangement with the public prosecutors but the ramifications potentially go all the way to the top. He’s been rearrested on the same charges (sex and drug trafficking) and would have been reinvestigated, that might well not happen now so his death could well have let many others off the hook.

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Thanks Paul, I didn’t realise.
As you have probably guessed, current affairs is probably not my thing.
But to get away with what he has done (till now) does involve an element of fraud.
It is sad that there are people happy to live off the suffering of others.
As to how he died, I would not like to comment, no one is ever in possession of the full facts.

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Surely he should have been on suicide watch.

He probably was - trouble is the Trump Yanks see that as watching someone commit suicide :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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For those that could be bothered to watch :zipper_mouth_face:

He was apparently. Who knows what really happened?!


He might have died of ‘natural causes’. It’s surprisingly common :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


He had already tried to commit suicide about a fortnight ago.

He was effectively looking at life in prison and was unlikely to get off the hook this time and I suspect sex offenders get just as much respect in US penal institutions as in British ones. Lets face it having been used to a life of private jets, chauffeured cars and hot and cold running 14-year olds it would be a pretty horrific prospect. I’m not that surprised he tried to take his own life.

It is unsatisfactory, though, because it is likely that he supplied sex and drugs to a cabal of powerful individuals. Who will now be breathing a sigh of relief rather than facing the very real prospect of being brought to justice.

So who gets his 2 billion dollars?

I’m not sure his death will be the end, investigations will continue so Epstein’s friends can’t rest easy just yet.

Perhaps but the authorities can no longer question the most valuable witness in these matters and anything would would have relied heavily on Epstein’s testimony becomes hearsay and therefore much weaker evidence, even if it is admissible.

People working for Epstein have been implicated and might do a deal now he’s dead so this ain’t over.

My take, in view of where all his soft money was coming from, is that he was a Mossad operative, whose function was literally to hold the US by the balls, or at least by its leaders’ scrota, to ensure continuing unconditional support for its military and political agenda. Similar operations are doubtless in place in the UK even now, probably including choirboys as bait. The agenda here is slightly different, viz to blacken the name of the leader of HM opposition. The proof is, as they say, in the pudding.

We’ll probably never know. I doubt we’ll know for sure how far DT’s involvement goes either - that said although it is known that DT likes younger women (he’s ditched two wives for a younger, prettier model after all) I don’t think there’s evidence that he liked them quite as young as Epstein did.

I note that questions are already being raised about the “suicide” as it is very convenient for a number of rich well-connected people and very inconvenient for the authorities.

You need to get out more - been watching too many episodes of The Sopranos :wink:


Bet it was Prince Philip… :slight_smile: