Equine Viral Arteritis

Does anyone know anything about this?

I’ve just received a very unpleasant 'phone call from the owner of the stallion we put to our mare last Spring. He said that his stallion has just tested positive for Equine Viral Arteritis and that as our mare is the only mare he covered last year he must have caught it from her (because the previous year apparently he tested negative).

I have my doubts because :

  1. our mare has never shown the slightest symptom. I have literally never even heard her cough.
  2. she has never been sired by another stallion and as it seems that stallions are the carriers how else could she have caught it?
  3. our horses aren’t ever even in contact with other horses

    I would be grateful for anybody’s input…

Here’s the DEFRA page


I suspect you may be being made a scapegoat… :-/