ERDF - and then work stops!

Following on from my previous discussion which should, perhaps, have been a blog:

All going well as our geothermie technician arrives (ex liquidated Enalsa) to get the compressors working. Citelum turns up to lay the electric cable and we discuss the whereabouts of an existing cable nearby.

At about 1pm the ERDF turn up and turn off the electrical supply because, of course, the diggerman had hit the existing cable. They then all push off for lunch. On return they fix the electrics-ish by 3.30pm. Not powerful enough to get a bulb working properly. So we have to pay off the technician without knowing whether the compressors work, because he has a 6 hour return journey. The ERDF return a couple of hours later en masse to do more repairs and by 6.30pm we have a supply.

Most of this time our minor road has been impassable and not once were we been asked whether we minded them parking and driving all over our land....