Escaping Calf, What was your last strange emergency?

I was hauled out of bed last night to help Jim put a calf back into the field at 11 o'clock last night.

It had crawled under the barbed wire in search of the fresh grass surrounding our swimming pool! We managed to find out where it had come in and block up the old drain where there was just enough space to crawl under the wire.

What strange things have you had to deal with lately?

It is very difficult to understand why small farmers take on livestock that they have not a hope in hell of looking after. We had a calf die in a field near us when we were away in UK, it was scouring and the farmer couldn't afford the vet bill. Also same farmer was given two horses, one with very bad conformation and the state of their hooves was dreadful. When we pointed it out to him, they were moved and he said he would get them seen to. More probably out of our line of sight!

It must have been very sad to have so many animals abandoned, but very gratifying to be so well regarded.

Ours was probably the 3 large pigs that came wandering in and tried to eat my geraniums, plus the 5 horses that casually sauntered past the bathroom window. all abandoned by the obnoxious man who bought the small farm just up the road , its a long story , but the abandonment also included a litter of puppies , several dogs, cats, chickens, sheep and goats. I then nearly got into a fight with him at the repas communal!! Think it did my street cred rating good though , as several neighbours stood behind me and he backed down , they said it was because he was not one of US!!