Escoffier recipes

Has anybody got any recipes by Escoffier? What I need is a recipe for one of the dishes he created in honour of the 18th-century ballerina Marie Camargo. I know that some dishes were named after her at the time - Filet de boeuf Camargo, Ris de veau grillé Camargo, Soufflé Camargo & Bombe Camargo. I’m helping out a freind who’s writing a book about her. Fingers crossed!

Thanks so much Petra, I’ll pass that on, I’m very grateful.

Merci Mille fois Petra x

Thanks Chris xxx

Got an English translation of Escoffier’s ‘Ma Cuisine’, only trouble it’s in the IOM! I’ll ask my son to have a look in the index…

Thanks Bryan, that’s really kind of you. I found a tantalising mention when I searched Amazon, found this and there are 4 recipes I think…so near and yet so far!

I have hunted through what i have here in the uk and can find nothing at all about her and the escoffier.i do have other books in france that may help but i am not back home till august so this time i have come up a blank.