Escorting realitives across Paris. Advice Please

Advice please.

My Aunt and Uncle are coming over to the Gers for a Family party at the end of the summer .One won't Fly and the Other won't go on a boat! So they have decided that the answer is the tunnel on a train. We need to find a way of them changing trains in Paris.

In the past I would have used a Universal Aunt type service does this work in France? I goggled meet and escort adult travellers in Paris and you can imagine the answers that threw up!!!

Can anyone recommend a person or service that could meet them at one station and escort them to the next station and that speaks English They have very little French. Thanks

That's very kind also Suzy.

I think it will have to be a taxi as the metro is a no no for my Uncle. They are both in their mid 70's and my 40 year old down's syndrome brother is probably going to be with them also.

They are travelling to get to the Gers for a party on the 11th sept so I expect they will be travelling at the beginning of the week that leads to that date. When my cousin and I have firmed up the dates of the train I will see where I am with the arrangements.

If Nick isn't free I'd be happy to help the transfer,I'm around in September .How old are they? As there are many stairs in the metro, though I haven't done the 2 station connection,so there's probably escalators at Monparnasse.I personally don't think its an easy station to find ones way around. If they take a taxi its true,turn right,go outside and then join the queue,So allow that extra time in the journey.

A word of warning if they do the journey themselves,the Gare du Nord is teaming with dodgy people on the lookout for uncertain tourists.Make sure they keep their possessions out of sight and talk to noone offering to help them,even if it seems rude.If they appear to be looking around they'll get picked on.And keep mobiles hidden.

I believe they do. I specifically asked for English speakers and if you go to this page

the bottom right of the page is in English.

Very reasonable Claire. But do they have any English speakers do you think? It would help.

I just had a reply from the commagnons people so I thought I would share it. it's in French but hopefully most people can understand .I thought their rates were quite reasonable myself.

"Oui nous effectuons bien ce type d'accompagnement. Nous sommes un service d'accompagnement de personnes par l'intermédiaire des transports en commun, nous assistons les personnes lors de leurs déplacements sur l'Ile de France ou vers la province.

Le cout d'un accompagnement entre deux gares parisienne est de 26,00 € en semaine et 39,01 € les week-ends et jours fériés."

Thank you Nick that is a very kind offer when we get nearer I will let you know what is going on.

The trip across town is relatively easy. Metro line 4 from Gare de Nord directly to Montparnasse. Otherwise taxi is a very good and cheap option. Max €30.
And other otherwise, if I’m in Paris on that day I’ll be happy to help out for free and for gratis.
Let me know.

Good work Claire - I agree - the cost is always worth the peace of mind.

That's very helpful Nora, thank you .

I am planning well in advance as they are due here beginning of Sept. I will be forwarding all info to their Travel agent AKA my cousin.

I have contacted the Compagnons site that Marie-Claire mentioned as it may be of help to them they don't mind the cost they just want to be sure. I will let you know how it goes.

Hi Claire. This is an ongoing problem for us as all our visitors have to use Gare du Nord to Montparnasse. Trains stopping at Lille have been drastically cut and are now at very inconvenient times for joining other trains. But it can be done if you persevere or book from London in person (on line keeps sending you via Paris). Having said that they should do the following. Alighting at Paris, leave the platform, turn right and go outside to the taxi rank (its easy). Taxi to Montparnasse. Enter Montparnasse and go up the escalator to the first floor. Platforms are clearly shown - don't forget to "composte" your tickets by putting them into the little yellow box at the beginning of the platform. Return is a little less clear. When you alight at Montparnasse turn left and carry on through a quite dark area - just keep going and eventually you will reach the taxi stand. As not that many people go that far down the station you can think you have gone the wrong way - you have not. I sometimes use the underground which is a direct line but I think if it is a first visit with no French, the taxi is worth it and it is the most fabulous drive - but does take a long time due to Paris traffic. But the views - worth it every time! Bon chance (and I am SURE they will make it in one piece)!

That looks like it could work Marie - Claire I will email them direct .Thank you.

Apparently If you go to Lille and want a train to Agen you go to Paris Nord and change to Paris Montparnasse!!!!

Thank you for the link Veronique.

You can get help here: Otherwise getting connecting taxi shouldn't be a problem as station staff in Paris speaks English (well, some of them do…).

Which station are you picking up? If it's Tarbes then there's a night train from the Gare d'Austerlitz, otherwise I think it's always the Gare Montparnasse - from Lille would be easier because there's just a change in Bordeaux which is an easy station to get around, certainly compared to Montparnasse.

There's THIS as well:

Just had a look and it seems it's Paris gare du Nord or Brusells. The Agen train then leaves from Montparnasse. So Lille is not an option so says the Eurostar site If anyone knows better please do let me know.

for people not sure of themselves go via Lille, then they won't have to leave the station. Eurostar staff speak English, and so do the uniformed staff on the concourse at Lille

Not sure I will have to have a look I just assumed the eurostar went to Paris and that was that.