Espinté and other words

The short discussion I had with Andrew Hearne elsewhere on the forum about the meaning of the word “espinté” made me wonder whether anyone else uses colourful local expressions. My favourite is “escagasser” which is more Marseille than Lozère. It can mean boring, tiring, as in “tu m’escagasses”, écrabouiller (another nice word meaning squash), or “completely destroy” as in “il a escagassé ma voiture” (“He wrecked my car”).

Andrew, to continue our discussion, one of my neighbours teaches Occitan and he has much the same problem you describe. What he teaches is really an artificial language, an Occitan that has been codified and standardised to make it possible to teach the same version throughout the region. It’s nothing like the language you hear on market day in Marvejols. And it doesn’t stop the disputes. Two local experts are still arguing over whether Lozère in Occitan is Lausera or Lauzera!

As for oak trees, down here I’m told an oak is a “rouve” and therefore by definition the neighbouring farm called La Rouverette refers to a former small oak wood. It’s a long way from garrigade!

Hi Terry

I think my favourite is je suis sadoul (no idea how it’s spelt as I can’t find it anywhere) instead of je suis rassasié

I thought oak garrigue/garric was pretty standard across the south (south west) but you’re not at all far away from us! I guessed as much for the standardised occitan and once you get down to spelling it becomes impossible!